Growth in total payment volume by 27% to $ 451 billion and 7.6 billion transactions in 2017 give insight into the enormous size of the online payment service PayPal.
PayPal now extends its portfolio with PayPal PLUS and now covers the four most popular online payment methods with one solution.
The online payment method BillSAFE was finally replaced in mid-2018 and has now been replaced with the PayPal PLUS solution, which aims to offer the four most popular payment methods in one, so that shop owners only have "one account for all transactions, one price and one contract partner". These are:
  • Invoice Purchase
  • PayPal
  • direct debit
  • Credit card

In online shops of dynamic commerce, PayPal PLUS can now be set up directly. However, in order to process the payment, the visitor must be redirected to PayPal’s site during the ordering process. We consult you on differences to our online payment module with our partner Computop and how to combine both solutions.
Online payment mix
The lack of the preferred payment method is a decisive reason for the purchase abort, as the the study of the German market research institute ECC Cologne shows. If the primary preferred payment method is not offered, 18.8% of the visitors already break off the ordering process and leave the online shop. If none of the three most preferred payment methods is offered, the abort rate increases to 47.1%.