Mobile e-commerce

Mobile Commerce with Responsive Design, Mobile Shops or Shopping Apps

Successfully sell your products via Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

Nearly half of all Internet Users worldwide surf the web using a mobile device. Search engines such as Google now give mobile websites a higher ranking in search results for mobile users. With our WebShop software it‘s possbile to offer your customers an shopping experience optimised to their mobile device of choice! Choose from:
  • Responsive Layout: Your WebShop layout will dynamically adjust to fit your customers screen resolution.
  • Mobile Shop: Publish a seprate Webshop which is specially customised to cater for mobile devices such as Smartphones.
  • Shopping-App: Offer your customers a native App for their Tablet or Smartphone which can be downloaded and installed direct from their respective App-Store.

Our Software solutions

Optimise the mobile experience of your WebShop with
Responsive Design, Mobile Shops or Shopping-Apps